Pandorakaaki (Mar-Anne Almosa): Everything You Wanted to Know

Pandorakaaki (Mar-Anne Almosa) : Tout ce que vous vouliez savoir

Pandorakaaki (born Mar-Anne Almosa) is a Filipino Instagram model, YouTuber, and social media influencer who has amassed millions of followers online due to her cheerful personality.

Early Years

Her birthdate is July 29th, 1998. Her parents are Filipino and Lebanese, and she was born and raised in the Philippines.

Rise To Fame

She began posting on Facebook in 2016 and Instagram in 2018, and her provocative photos quickly gained her a large following. In October of 2019, she launched a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her travels, trying on clothes, and letting her fans get to know her better.

Pandorakaaki’s Official Website

Although she does not have a Patreon or Only Fans account, she does have her own website where you can subscribe for $9.95/month and gain access to ‘exclusive content’ and a ‘private chat’.

While her website claims to offer content that is “way too sexy for Instagram,” some of her fans were disappointed to see that Pandorakaaki does not post nude photos.

Her private life is a complete waste of time; the descriptions sound fantastic, but trust me when I say it’s a complete scam!

People posting as Pandorakaaki and offering nudes in exchange for money have also scammed and catfished fans on Twitter.

PayPal Pandora rip-off for $75! Anyone else been a victim of this? Someone impersonating Pandora said on Twitter that if I send them $75, I’ll get nudes and then vanished

Pandorakaaki revealed a lot about herself in a YouTube video she posted with her childhood friends in which they played the ‘Who Knows Me Better’ game.

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When asked if she spits or swallows, she replied that she’spits’. When asked about her bra size, she stated that she rarely wears one, but her bikini cup size is 38D or 40D.

Her friends answered ‘yes’ when asked if she was sexually attracted to women.

When asked if she had plastic surgery on her face, she stated that she had not.

It’s unclear whether she’s had breast implants or not.

Interesting Pandorakaaki Facts

  • Pandorakaaki can be found at her favourite beach, Siargao, or working on her artwork when she is not working on social media.
  • She learned English by watching a lot of Hollywood films.
  • Durian is the food she claims she can’t live without. Sushi is her least favourite food.
  • The most important quality she seeks in a man is that he be a gentleman and understand how to treat a woman properly.
  • Her celebrity crush is Keeanu Reeves, whom she frequently mentions on Instagram stories.
  • She has travelled to Dubai on several occasions and has documented her experiences on Instagram.
  • She lives by the advice to stay positive in the face of all the negativity, to do things that make you feel alive, and to surround yourself with people who make you feel alive.
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